GM Integra HR updates its logo after acquisition by Securex

At the end of 2017, GM Integra HR merged into the Belgian multinational, Securex.

With this corporate move, GM Integra HR will transform into the Spanish branch of this large European company which provides services in the field of HR.

Operating in more than 20 countries, Securex has offices in Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, France and Spain from where they manage the payroll of 285.000 employees.

GM Integra HR released a new logo in which it is clear that the company is now part of the Securex group. This new identity will represent the international character of GM Integra HR, and by extension, Securex, as well as their capacity to service business clients in various countries.

In the words of the GM Integra HR director, Maica Enrique: “This new logo represents one of the big advantages we give to companies operating internationally: working with one sole partner, independent of their place of operations. In addition, we facilitate the management of their staff administration. GM Integra HR, as part of the Securex group, is a global supplier in the field of outsourcing labor and HR consulting, for which it uses important technological tools”.

Filip Baptist, Deputy CEO of Securex, states: “With this new logo, GM Integra HR shows that it is part of an international supplier of HR services. Amongst others, we focus on Spanish companies with an international business to help them overcome the local administrative barriers of other countries and centralize the management of their staff in Europa”.


GM Integra HR

GM Integra HR is a company focused on outsourcing labor and HR consulting. They are the Spanish branch of the Belgian multinational Securex.

GM Integra HR has a team of more than 40 professionals with offices in Barcelona, Sant Cugat, Manras and Madrid.

We add value to our clients by externalizing the following tasks: payroll and staff administration, labor assessments, the implementation of an employee portal/HR portal, creation of scorecards and KPI’s, fields related to learning and development of staff, HR consulting and the selection of professionals.


Felipe Rodrigo

Communication, GM Integra HR

Steven De Vliegher

PR Specialist

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About Securex

Entrepreneurship is at the core of economic activity; employees are the key to success. HR service provider Securex supports entrepreneurs in developing and growing their business. We believe in a human resources approach that is tailored to the individual and aimed at sustainable employment. 

Securex is a trusted partner for both new and experienced self-employed people, as well as for large companies and public authorities. The company offers everything required to build and sustain an integrated HR policy. We offer services in the fields of business creation and development for entrepreneurs, personnel administration and wage calculation, employee health and safety, and talent development and payroll management. Securex is the one-stop-shop for both entrepreneurs and employers. 

In 2022, Securex’s turnover amounted to 300 million euros. The Securex Group is active in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain, with 1,600 employees in 24 regional offices. Every day, they do their best to support 92,000 companies, 150,000 self-employed people and more than 5,000 partners.