In 2015 The Securex Group achieved its best results since its creation in 1905

In 2015 The Securex Group increased its net profit by over 40%. Its turnover increased by over 2% to reach €258 million. The net profit of the service provider in the field of human resources management amounted to more than 5% of turnover, fully reinvested in the business to the benefit of its customers' quality of service. This year, Securex plans to implement a determined development strategy.

The Securex Group was able to realise this positive growth due to the wide range of its services and the adaptability of its offer to the various customer profiles. Since 2015, the implementation of the Group's new strategy has already enabled us to record operating results beyond expectations.

After several years of significant investment, Securex' Payroll services recorded positive results in 2015 Furthermore, it recorded a 5% growth in turnover.

The turnover of the External Occupational Prevention and Protection Department has also increased by 5%. This department has successfully adapted to the new legislation that came into effect on 1 January 2016. 

We note that Securex' insurance companies profited from the favourable financing contracts in 2015, which increased their results.

Services for the self-employed also showed good results with, among other things, the Social Insurance Fund for the self-employed, whose turnover increased by 4% and also the business portal.   

The international activities show a marked upturn, with a growth of +12 %. This upturn is due in particular to its differentiated positioning in the Benelux, in France and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The takeover on 1 January 2016 of Van Deelen Salaris, in Holland, showed that the Securex Group wants to strengthen its position as international service provider of HR services.

Stephan Londoz, CEO of Securex: "As in 2015, I am convinced that the continuation of our new strategy and our “Let’s make organisations and people successful in business and in life“ strategy will be the best guarantee for obtaining positive results in 2016. The January and February results for this year seem to point in this direction. We want to see this initial success continue. Our results demonstrate our wish to reinforce the relationship we have with our employees, our partners and our customers, through our new structure composed of ecosystems. "

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About Securex

Enterprise is the basis of economic activity, and employees are the key to its success. Securex supports entrepreneurs in expanding and growing their business, and believes in staff management tailored to the individual and aimed at sustainable employability.

Securex is the partner for start-ups and experienced self-employed people or SMEs, as well as large corporations and public institutions. We have everything needed for an integrated HR policy. We offer services in the areas of development and expansion of own business for entrepreneurs, staff administration and payroll calculations, prevention and well-being of workers, talent development and income insurance. At Securex we have everything under one roof.

In 2017, Securex realised a turnover of 278 million euro. The group is active in Belgium, France, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Spain, with 1,700 employees across 36 offices. Every day, they give it their best shot and help 83,800 companies, 116,000 self-employed people and 5,600 privileged partners: bookkeepers, brokers and accountants.